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Johanna Parker

Ginger Ella Witch Mug

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Grab your favorite witch by the arm and enjoy a ghoul's night in with this Johanna Parker Carnival Cottage Witch Mug with lid! This adorable mug features a removable witch hat as the lid to keep your witches brew fresh. Add this whimsical piece to your Johanna Parker collection for an added witchy appeal.

Materials: Dolomite 

Measures: 7.25”W x 5"L x 6.875”H 

This piece is made by hand and WILL be imperfect - no two will be exactly alike. The 'flaws' present in these pieces are not defects. The imperfections are inherent to her brand and to be expected. There will be no refunds, returns, or exchanges for the technique that Johanna has approved from the manufacturer.